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Fred Soll's Frankincense & Sandalwood Incense

Fred Soll's Frankincense & Sandalwood Incense


Frankincense & Sandalwood


May this Frankincense and Sandalwood bless you. May it keep your spirit happy and creative. Fred Soll's® Frankincense and Sandalwood is made with pure frankincense resin and sandalwood powder.


10 sticks per pack.

  • Fred Soll's Incense

    Fred Soll's® uses only all-natural ingredients to produce his high-quality incense products. Made with all-natural resin, Fred Soll's® incense is handmade, hand dipped, and dried in the New Mexico Sun. 

    Typical burn time for each stick is beween 1-2 hours.

    Attention! If you notice that your incense is sticking together, store it in the refrigerator or freezer to help break it apart easier.

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