Goloka Nag Champa Backflow Incense Cones

Goloka Nag Champa Backflow Incense Cones



  • Cone incense holder should be placed in windless environment. If not, the miracle of cone incense smoke pouring down like a waterfall will not work.
  • Keep about 30-40 cm away from the incense burner and watch the smoke coming down from the backflow incense.
  • Keep out of reach of children & pets.


PLEASE NOTE: These cones are for backflow incense burners. They will NOT burn properly on a traditional cone incense burner!


Burns approximately 20 minutes.

24 backflow cones per pack.

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    About our charities:

    All proceeds from the distribution of Goloka brand products are used 100% for charitable activities of ISKCON Bangalore like

    • The Akshaya Patra Foundation - providing mid-day meals to 1.7 million underprivileged children every day
    • Promotion of Organic Farming - training farmers on biodynamic farming and preserving Indian breeds of cows and bulls
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