Pink Palm Fronds Face Masks (Locally Handcrafted)

Pink Palm Fronds Face Masks (Locally Handcrafted)


Locally handcrafted three-ply face masks with pockets perfect for holding filters, herbs, or essential oils! Available in assorted colors and patterns.


Instructions for use: Place the U-shaped portion of the string tie over your head so that the front of the mask is against your chest with the pocket facing away from you. Hold the knotted ends of the string tie with one hand while pushing the fabric mask towards your neck. You'll want the fabric to scrunch up so that it fits your face easier. Once the mask is sufficiently scrunched, fold it up towards your face, bring the ties behind your head, and tie it in place. Once you've got your mask tied you can shape the nose wire around your face for a better fit.


Measurements: 7.5" x 7" with approximately 44" string ties

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