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Prabhuji's Gifts Ragini Vasanti Stick Incense

Prabhuji's Gifts Ragini Vasanti Stick Incense

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Ragini Vasanti - Firdous & Sandalwood | Harmony


This unique blend combines floral and musky undertones with an Oriental woody note, bringing a mystical mood into the space while captivating the senses. Enjoy the musk and floral undertones of firdous, and the classic Oriental woody note of sandalwood, a rare combination, and an alluring and sensual scent. A ragini is a female raga, an ancient melodic form of Indian classical music played in a certain scale of notes with its own melodic form and associated mood. Let the distinct atmosphere of this mysterious and prayerful ragini fill your space, touch your spirit and inspire your mind. The raga-ragini combination evolved from the spiritual practice of Tantra around the 14th century. Together the static and dynamic energies create mood-evoking music.


10 sticks per pack. Burns for approximately 1 hour.

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  • Prabhuji's Gifts Stick Incense

    Prabhuji's Gifts has chosen ancient recipes that combine herbs, flowers and resins, which are blended with pure oils and sandalwood, and rolled onto bamboo sticks in accordance to the incense tradition of India.

    Prabhuji's Gifts is a manufacturer and wholesaler of aromatic and spiritual gifts. Inspired by Prabhuji, it was founded to spread the spiritual power along with the beauty of Eastern wisdom, for the welfare of all. Prabhuji's Gifts upholds strict environmental and socioeconomica standards, and generously donates to spiritual and charitable activities operated by a nonprofit organization.

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