Selenite, Quartz, & Copper Crystal Mala Bracelet

Selenite, Quartz, & Copper Crystal Mala Bracelet


Selenite | Elements of Air & Water | Third Eye & Crown Chakras

Selenite is a stone of peace, positivity, and clarity. It clears confusion, stabilizes erratic emotions, and dissipates negativity. Selenite connects you with the Moon’s purifying energy, ancient wisdom, enhances intuition, and clears blockages to access your higher consciousness.


Quartz | All Elements | All Chakras

Quartz is an all purpose stone that amplifies all energy, can be programmed to your specifications, and charges other stones. It is an excellent study aid and helps you discover the source of emotional upset, often resolving the issue entirely. Quartz enhances meditation, psychic abilities, and assists communication with spirit guides.


23 (8mm) beads with tassel, approximately 7" bracelet


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