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Freyr Norse God Painted Statue (Mini)

Freyr Norse God Painted Statue (Mini)

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Freyr is a Norse god associated with prosperity, fertility, sunlight, and rain. He is the son of the sea god Njord and twin brother of the goddess Freya. Freyr presides over the realm of Alfheim and is often depicted riding a boar or a ship that can sail over land, sea, and air. As a fertility god, Freyr ensures bountiful harvests, peace, and happiness. He is also one of the most important gods of Norse mythology, known for his connection to Vanir, a group of gods related to ferility and wisdom. His mightiest weapon is a sword that can fight without being wielded. Freyr is both a beloved and noble god in Norse mythology.


One cold cast resin statue.


Measurements: 1 3/8” x 1 3/8” x 3 3/8”

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