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Spell, Ritual, & Prayer Candles

Spell, Ritual, & Prayer Candles


Spell, Ritual, & Prayer Candles


Black: protection, removes negativity & curses/hexes

Dark Blue: joy, influences dreams, shield against depression

Light Blue: tranquility, truth, wisdom, inspires meditation

Gold: prosperity, confidence, happiness

Green: abundance, growth, balance

Orange: success, good luck, attraction

Pink: love, compassion, spiritual healing

Purple: tranquility, spiritual growth, enhances dream work

Red: attraction, passion, physical gratification, strength

Silver: ambition, enhances dream work, purification, success

White: cleansing, purification, healing, enhances psychic abilities

Yellow: creativity, confidence, eliminates obstacles


Remember, we all have our own associations with color. Use whichever color you feel fits your needs based on your own experiences and associations with each color.


4" palm wax candles.


All colors except Gold and Silver include 4 candles per pack.

Gold and Silver include 1 candle per pack.

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