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Gonesh Sticks No. 2 Classic Incense

Gonesh Sticks No. 2 Classic Incense


No. 2: Perfumed with Oils & Spices | Relaxing


Gentle, floral fragrance with soft, spicy understones will help you relax and prepare your mind for clarity.


Charcoal Incense Sticks: Gonesh® sticks are easy to use. Hold a lighted match to the coated end of a stick until it glows; blow out flame. Place sticks in an incense holder, a flower pot, or a glass filled with salt, sand, or earth.


20 sticks per pack.

  • Gonesh® Incense

    Genieco continually strives to elevate the level of fragrance delivery by working with creative and skilled perfumers, by using the highest quality raw materials, and by our exclusive use of HighCharcoal™. Genieco's Incense has the highest charcoal content of any brand currently on the market - it delivers the purest, cleanest burn and crystal clear fragrances.

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