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Stone Age Yoni Steam Herbal Blend

Stone Age Yoni Steam Herbal Blend



  • Calendula - antimicrobial, antiseptic, healing
  • Chamomile Flowers - relieves inflammation, muscle spasms, calming, soothes tissues
  • Comfrey Leaf - astringent, healing, increase cells
  • Lavender - cleansing, relaxing, antibacterial, antispetic
  • Marshmallow Root - eases vaginal dryness
  • Mugwort - regulates menstruation
  • Red Raspberry Leaf - strengthens uterine & pelvic muscles
  • Red Rose Petals - cools the genitals, calming, astringent
  • Rosemary - increases circulation to organs


Priced per ounce, by weight.

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