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Triloka Herbal Dhoop Coals

Triloka Herbal Dhoop Coals


Native Himalayan Dhoop Coals


Native Himalayan Dhoop Coals are made of various herbs and woods, pressed into a convenient strip of six coals.


Since ancient times cultures throughout the world have recognized that many natural substances have purifying or healing attributes when burned. The burning of 'dhoops' or botanical mixtures, was a daily ritual performed mainly at sunrise and sunset. Since virtually all households made daily fires, hot coals were readily available. The hot coals were put into an urn or censor and used for burning herbs, woods or resins. The botanicalss would slowly smolder, releasing their fragrance and subtle qualities. Triloka Herbal Dhoop Coals are made from dried herbs and woods. No chemicals or harmful additives are used. The label is hand printed on handmade paper following a centuries old tradition.


6 coals per pack.

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  • Triloka® Botanicals

    Made by a Nepali cottage industry. Handmade in the Himalaya Kingdom of Nepal.

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